Interview with Bâ’a

Interview with Bâ’a

First of all, thank you for accepting my invitation to do this interview.

We are also very pleased with your interest in us and are very willing to answer your questions.

Can you please tell us more about this project and how it was born?

Bâ’a was born in 2017 at the initiative of Maximilien Brigliadori, who after having participated for nearly 15 years in numerous musical projects, wanted to express himself in a more personal way. The first draft was so intense and sincere that Rms Hreidmarr and Emmanuel Zuccaro naturally joined the adventure. In 2020 the album „Deus qui non mentitur” was released.

What does the name of the band signify?

I want to leave the name of the band in doubt. All I can say is that a clue can be found in the song ‘Domitor’ at 4’25.

Can you tell us more about the sources of inspiration and the themes you cover on the albums?

Human existence is the principal theme that we approach with Bâ’a, with the help of religious references and legends of the world. In each of these stories there is a moral and it’s interesting to find the link with our life. „Egregore” being in this same lineage where we treat of consciousness raising using the 4 warriors of the Apocalypse and Hermetic philosophy.

We try as much as possible to respect what surrounds us and to find our place in this vast circus. We try to enjoy the harmony that life brings us. We are not perfect but we are working on it. This album is a continuation of our daily actions and feelings. Music and art are completely part of our daily life. Empathy and pain too.

So it would be difficult to list our influences even. And if we really had to choose a work to take on a desert island without any doubt it would be Conan !!!

Egregore, 2022, Full lenght

Egregore is the 2nd full-length and it has exactly 6 songs as „Deus qui non mentitur” is there a coincidence or it’s a pattern?

It is a happy coincidence, do you? But it all happened naturally, according to God’s will. In any case, this is not a tribute to Douglas Adams but the best way for us to express artistically what we had to say.

What can you tell us about the cover of the album?

The cover is just beautiful. It’s simply feet painted by our graphist Laura. The feet are the link that connects the body to the earth. This is not obvious in all animals. They are the ones that allow us to advance on the path of the elevation of consciousness. They are also the ones who bring us daily happiness as well as suffering. It is a symbol of humility above all.

The polaroid on the last page beautifully connects our material experience of reality with the mystical that surrounds us.

Regarding the past/current situation, how did the Coronavirus affect you regarding music, or why not personally?

Bâ’a is not here to epilogate on the absurd choices that the social human being decides to take. Certainly, the corona has interfered on our daily life but it has not altered our exchanges and the artistic line established from the start within Bâ’a. Everyone is free to suffer the darkness of the world as he or she wishes. The reality is that „Deus qui non mentitur” was released at the time of the corona.

Max started working on Egregore even before ‘Deus’ was released. We are all relatively far apart geographically, but the current technology has allowed us to work serenely. Perhaps the harshness of the world and the absurd choices that were made during this period brought a deeper harshness and darkness to the album, but perhaps it also allowed us to take more time to enrich and work on our sound.

A step that won’t be as important for the next album which will be rawer. Like a need to go back to the roots.

Do your future plans include touring?


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