Alghazanth – Eight Coffin Nails

Alghazanth – Eight Coffin Nails

Alghazanth is currently putting the finishing touches to their eighth and final full-length album, aptly named Eight Coffin Nails, due out in late March 2018. To be released by Woodcut Records on CD and vinyl.  This album marks a worthy ending to the band’s 22 year journey from the youthfully clumsy demo days to the forefront of Finnish majestic black metal. Apart from the bass and drum tracks recorded at Studio 33 last August, the album is both recorded and mixed by Vexd. The final adjustments will be done once again by Virtalähde Mastering. The track list and the cover art will be revealed mid-January along with a sample song from the album, so keep your eyes peeled and your ears ready!

The line-up on Eight Coffin Nails is:

Thasmorg – vocals & bass
Mordant – guitars
Vexd – guitars
Gorath Moonthorn – drums
Trollhorn – keyboards

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